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Copy of Effective Storytelling

Effective Storytelling

Harnessing the power of stories

with Dragoș Bucurenci

Are you a conference speaker wanting the audience to remember what you say?

Do you want to persuade your colleagues to put more effort into a project that you care about?

Do you have a job interview coming up and you want to make a lasting impression?

Do you want to get financial support for a business idea?

Do you need supporters behind your development strategy?

Do you have to pitch an idea, a service, a product?

Do you often interact with journalists and you want them to take your message across to your wider audience?

There’s an easy answer to all these questions: tell them a story!

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We all tell stories – but some stories are better than others.

Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Most of the time, people communicate through stories.

We all have what it takes to recognise and enjoy a story well told. Since very few of us are natural storytellers, most of the stories we tell are badly built.

The result? Rambling stories going nowhere, stories that bore or even alienate audiences.

A story well told can help us influence not only others, but also the culture of the organisation we’re part of.

What does it cover?

The workshop is first of all a space for practising and experimenting. Theoretical notions will be introduced through case studies and role play, and most of the workshop will be dedicated to group activities.

Here are some things that we cover:

What is and what is not a story

The Hero’s Journey: the structure of any successful story

Instant stories: how to tell a story in only 2 minutes

In their words: how to tell a story that anyone can understand

How to turn a presentation / a project / a CV / a business plan into a story

Not all stories are equal: the ingredients of a captivating story.

Your story: how to make a memorable entrance in any circumstances

The story goes on: how to become a better story teller in your everyday life

Foto: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Foto: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Is it for you?

The workshop is for anyone wishing to communicate more efficiently to colleagues, clients, journalists or a wider audience.

We recommend that those wishing to improve their speaking skills should combine this storytelling workshop with our public speaking workshop.

How long does it take?

The workshop lasts for one day and a half, a total of 12 working hours.

How large is a group?

One group can count up to 12 participants.


A workshop of revelations; it gave me a completely new perspective on communication.

Cristian Vadanovici
Sales Director, Biogenis

I already knew why stories are important even when it comes to business, but now I have better understood how to build stories so as to get the attention of my particular audience.

Anda Negruș
Programme Producer, The Money Channel

Once upon a time there was this IT guy. Like any other IT guy, he communicated better to computers than people. Until one day he met Dragoș, he participated to PCM and then to the Storytelling Workshop. Since then, he’s been able to reach people as easily as he used to reach computers.

Bogdan Tudor
Founder & CEO, Class IT Outsourcing

Like the master storyteller that he is, Dragoş has managed to transform me.

Lucian Trofin
General Manager, Eisberg

At the end of the day, I understood that my story should not merely touch the mind of my listeners, but rather their soul. It’s the only way for a story to go on.

Cristiana Maria
Public Affairs & Communications Specialist, Janssen Romania

I forgot how much I like to tell stories.

Patricia Zegreanu
Marketing & Communication Manager, Skoda Porsche Romania


About the trainer

Dragoș Bucurenci is a graduate of the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme of the Stanford Graduate School of Business and has been certified as NLP Coach by the Academy of Coaching and NLP from Corte Madera, California.

He has trained more than 1000 managers in using the Process Communication Model® and he received The Best Training of the Year Award at the Business Edu Gala in 2010.

He made his journalistic debut at Dilema when he was 17 years old and has since written for dailies and magazines such as Academia Cațavencu, Evenimentul Zilei, Esquire, Elle and The One. He has produced and hosted TV shows on Pro TV, TVR1, Prima TV and Realitatea TV. He co-chaired The Future of Media Stanford conference in 2013.

He’s a frequent speaker on communication and personal development. In 2015 he was a guest speaker at the second edition of The Power of Storytelling conference.

Dragoș Bucurenci at  The Power of Storytelling  conference in Cluj.

Dragoș Bucurenci at The Power of Storytelling conference in Cluj.