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Neuroscience of communication

Neuroscience of communication

with Paul Olteanu

The Neuroscience of Communication Program proposes a current and scientifically validated approach that integrates the latest findings in neuroscience and psychology into the practice of public and interpersonal communication.

The course aims to help people and organizations to understand their own inner resorts with clarity and depth, how they influence communication and how we build and maintain relationships with others.

The program proposes a journey from the inside to the exterior, both from the hardware and software perspective, the journey at the end of which we will better understand how we work and why the EC and how we communicate modifies our reality and that of others.

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The program is aimed at anyone who wants to understand and better manage how they communicate and how this way of communication has an impact on the minds of others.

Due to our biological similarities, the neuroscientific perspective on communication is relevant regardless of age, gender, culture, hierarchical level or other personal variables.

In particular, the program has confirmed its utility for:

  • Leader and managers;
  • Entrepreneurs;
  • Coaches, psychotherapists and advisers;
  • Sales Representatives;
  • People from Marketing and Advertising;
  • Teachers, educators;
  • Parents;
  • Media professionals (journalists, moderators, etc.)

Benefits you can gain

The program proposed to follow 9 objectives:

  • To become aware of how our brain works in communicating and interacting with others;
  • To understand the relationship of interdependence between the brain, the mind and relationships and how all three transform when we communicate;
  • To learn the sensitive „buttons” of people and how to avoid pushing them when we communicate;
  • To understand and evaluate what our dominant patterns of thinking are;
  • On the basis of the evaluation, to discover the science of personal and organizational transformation, from the perspective of the way we speak and interact;
  • To be aware of the six different languages that we speak every day, without realizing it;
  • To learn how to adapt our communication to the way the interlocutor perceives reality;
  • To find out how we can help people around us in transformation, based on the way we talk to them;



The training program is built around the explanation of concepts and methodologies in relation to daily challenges in personal and professional life.


Each participant will have a Life Style Inventory 1 Psychometric Assessment in order to bring more clarity about our own values and patterns of thinking in relation to the way we communicate and interact.


Learning and transformation is happening in practice, so the program offers a number of practice experiences, role plays and video case studies in relation to the objectives and needs of the participants.

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Paul Olteanu has been working since 2007 as a trainer and consultant specialized in communication, behavioral psychology and transformation processes.

Over the past 9 years, Paul has developed programs that accumulate over 7,500 hours of training, coaching and consulting on topics such as self-knowledge, communication psychology, public speaking, business psychology, personal branding, and group dynamics to public Europe, America and Asia.

Starting in 2014, Paul is one of the top 5 European-certified consultants in the Story-based Transformation Process - a systematic methodology based on brain neuroplasticity and integrates daily short story stories in order to generate personal transformations and organizational rapidities.

From 2013, Paul is a partner in Process Communication Romania and a trainer and coach certified in Process Communication Model ® - an award-winning personality theory used by NASA in team selection and training and discursive preparation of US Presidents.

Since being certified, Paul has been the most active PCM trainer and coach in Romania, working with over 800 professionals (managers in national and multinational companies, entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches and consultants) either in personalized programs or in open courses by partners from EXEC-EDU).

Previously, he served as Communications Director of the Romanian-American University, Head of Strategy & New Business at Headertising 5 and Sponsorship & Marketing Manager for MaiMultVerde.

In parallel with training and consultancy, Paul has been involved in a number of educational or environmental projects and has collaborated with organizations such as Amgen, AVON, BCR - Erste, BRD, CBRE, CEZ, Garmin, Gothaer, Graffiti BBDO, Heineken, Oracle, OTP Bank, Raiffeisen Bank, Vodafone, Wrigley.

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