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Copy of Process Communication Model®

Process Communication Model®

Learn how to speak their language

with Dragoș Bucurenci

How you say something is just as important as what you have to say, especially when you have to get your message across to people with various types of personality. 

The PCM®Model was developed in the 70’s by Dr. Taibi Kahler, who studied human behavioural patterns in depth. 

The model was first used by NASA to recruit and train astronauts. Since then, over one million people all around the world have used it to improve their communication, professional lives and interpersonal relationships.

Now you can follow in their footsteps.

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Are you criticised for not communicating efficiently, although you have the feeling that you’re being crystal clear?

Do you have colleagues that you absolutely have to work with, although you don’t always see eye to eye?

You simply don’t see why some people act "irrationally"?

Do you feel there’s tension in your team and you would like to tone it down?

Do you enjoy working with people and helping them develop?

Are you in goods or services sales?

Are you facing a new challenge? Do you have to get the others on board?

Do you work yourself to exhaustion only to receive criticism instead of praise?

Then Process Communication Model® is just the thing you need!

What will you gain?

You’ll get your message across even to people whose personalities differ from yours.

You will know how to better motivate your team and to improve your relationship with your superiors.

You will find ways to tap on your highest potential more efficiently.

You will learn to detect destructive patterns in your own behaviour as well as that of other people, you will learn to treat the causes.

You will become more popular with others and, in time, you will hone your observation and assessment skills.

Last but not least, you will get to have fun applying this model successfully and enjoying the results.

Who is it for?

  • Managers
  • Mediators
  • Sales Agents
  • Communication Specialists
  • Advisors
  • Marketing Staff
  • Teachers
  • Psychologists
  • Lawyers
  • Politicians
  • Diplomats

Programme Structure

The training lasts for 3 days.

You will receive a detailed profile of your personality and an activity workbook for practice.

You will find out what the six personality types are, and for each of them you will learn:

  • their perception of the world
  • strengths and weaknesses
  • adequate communication channels
  • common points with your personality
  • adequate management styles
  • main emotional needs
  • favourite environment
  • specific behavioural patterns
  • their response to stress
  • failure mechanisms

Foto: Alex Gălmeanu

Foto: Alex Gălmeanu

About the trainer

Dragoș Bucurenci is a graduate of the Masters in Business Administration (MBA) programme of the Stanford Graduate School of Business; in 2014-2015 he coordinated the communication strategy of the European Commissioner for Regional Policy. 

He is part of the first generation of trainers for the Process Communication Model® in Romania (he was trained under the guidance of John Parr and he sat the certification exam with Bruno Dussolier from Kahler Communications Europe). 

Since then, he has trained over 800 Romanian managers as participants and practitioners of the model and he has held the first PCM advanced workshops in Romania. 

He has more than 15 years’ experience in the media; he spent seven of these years working as TV show producer and host for mainstream TV channels such as Pro TV, TVR1, Prima TV, Realitatea TV. 

He has been certified as NLP Coach by the Academy of Coaching and NLP from Corte Madera, California.