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Effective Storytelling

Effective Storytelling

Harnessing the power of stories

with Dragoș Bucurenci

Do you speak at a conference and you would like the audience to remember what you talked about?

Do you want to convince your colleagues to be more involved in a project important to you?

Do you have a job interview and you want to make a memorable impression?

Want to get funding for a business idea?

Do you need advocates for the development strategy that you propose?

Do you need to sell an idea, a service, a product?

Do you often interact with journalists and you want your message to get through them to your audience?

The answer to all these questions is quite simple: tell them a good story!


Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg

Photo: Sebastiaan ter Burg

People communicate most of the time through the stories. Everyone enjoys a good story. Stories spark emotions and capture people’s attention and imagiantion.

But not everyone is a good storyteller. Many of the stories we tell are ill-formed, go-nowhere tales that bore and sometimes antagonize our audience.

This storytelling workshop will give you the tools you need create stories that keep your audience engaged and help you deliver your message in a compelling and entertaining way.

True stories well told can influence the people you work with and shape the organization you are a part of.


The workshop is primarily a space for exercise and experimentation. Theoretical concepts are introduced by means of examples and role-playing, and the greatest part of the workshop is devoted to group exercises.

Some of the topics that we cover during the workshop:

What is a story and what is not.

"Hero's Journey": the structure of any success story.

One-minute stories: how to tell a story in just 15 words.

In their own words: how to tell a story understandable to everyone.

How to transform a presentation/ project/ CV/ business plan into a story.

Not all stories are equal: the ingredients of a captivating stories.

Your story: how to have a memorable entry in any context.

The story goes on: how to become a better storyteller in everyday life.

About the trainer

Dragoș is a communication strategist and coach, and the former Communication Adviser to the European Commissioner for Regional Policy.

He trained more than 1,000 managers in public speaking, interpersonal communication and storytelling in Romania, Belgium, Italy and Indonesia, and was awarded “Best Training of the Year” at the Business-Edu Awards Gala in 2010.

He has twelve years of experience as a columnist for national newspapers and magazines, and has produced and presented TV shows for public and private TV channels for over seven years.

He holds an MBA from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, is a certified NLP Coach (Academy of Leadership Coaching and NLP, California) and a certified Process Communication Model Trainer (Kahler Communication Europe).

Dragoș Bucurenci talking about stories that give life to beliefs, politics and showbiz at The Power of Storytelling conference in Cluj.

Dragoș Bucurenci talking about stories that give life to beliefs, politics and showbiz at The Power of Storytelling conference in Cluj.

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