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Transformational Coaching

Transformational coaching


with Paul Olteanu

If you know where you want to go, but you are not clear where you first start, or if you have the power to go all the way, then coaching can help.


It’s a path of self-knowledge and personal transformation that you traveled in partnership with your coach to make the most of your potential, personally and professionally.

The three pillars of coaching – trust, honesty and revealing questions – support a process of change that can significantly improve your leadership, work and life abilities.

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Coaching starts from the premise that there is nothing wrong with the client: he has all the resources he needs to handle his life and profession. The task of the coach is to support the discovery and use of these resources, as well as to stimulate and accompany a creative process of finding solutions to the problems the client is facing.


Absolute trust in the client’s potential goes hand in hand with unconditional honesty: the coach is not a fawning, on the contrary, one of his roles is to tell the sincerely the client exactly those things that friends and colleagues do not say.


One of the most important tools the coach has at his disposal was patented in ancient Greece by the father of Western philosophy, Socrates. These are questions, often awkward, that provoke the mind and soul to a process of self-knowledge and revision of the ideas received.


The situations in which coaching can be helpful are countless. Below, some of the most common:

  • You have to make an important decision with implications in professional and / or personal life, and you cannot decide
  • You have been promoted and you have not been in charge of any team yet
  • You want to become „someone”, but you have not decided who yet
  • Lately, the service has become a burden and you find it increasingly difficult to come to the office
  • You were told that „you do not know how to work with people”
  • You want to be more powerful, but something in you does not let you succeed
  • It seems to you that your boss / boss or colleagues over-estimates you and you are afraid you will disappoint them
  • Between „home” and the office there is an unbelievable gap
  • You do not feel appreciated and you have lost your motivation to work harder


In order to have the right expectations and to maximize the results of the coaching process, it is important to define from the beginning who you are and what is not the role of the coach.

  • A coach is a traveling companion who believes in you and helps you to maximize your potential.
  • A consultant offers advice and experience and solves problems specific to his field of expertise.
  • A mentor is chezas for you, offers you tips, experience, privileged information, access to professional circles and recommendations.
  • A teacher educates you by sharing his knowledge with you.
  • A therapist helps you overcome bottlenecks that have begun for a very long time and that have, in most cases, the source in the past.
  • A trainer helps you learn new skills and abilities.


Although all the approaches presented above are valuable and contribute to personal development or transformation, coaching has two fundamental objectives that, regardless of the theme, are worth highlighting and exemplifying:


A first objective of the coach is to help the client „light up the dark corners of his mind” and see things in perspectives that he has not looked at until now.

As the level of awareness and understanding grows, the client begins to have new action and behavioral options that he can assume.


After discovering the new options, the coach’s goal is to help the client make a decision, take some actions, and follow up these actions alongside with them.

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About trainer

Paul Olteanu has been working since 2007 as a trainer and consultant specialized in communication, behavioral psychology and transformation processes.

Over the past 9 years, Paul has developed programs that accumulate over 7,500 hours of training, coaching and consulting on topics such as self-knowledge, communication psychology, public speaking, business psychology, personal branding, and group dynamics to public Europe, America and Asia.

Starting in 2014, Paul is one of the top 5 European-certified consultants in the Story-based Transformation Process 1 - a systematic methodology based on brain neuroplasticity and integrates daily short story stories in order to generate personal transformations and organizational rapidities.

From 2013, Paul is a partner in Process Communication Romania and a trainer and coach certified in Process Communication Model ® - an award-winning personality theory used by NASA in team selection and training and discursive preparation of US Presidents.

Since being certified, Paul has been the most active PCM trainer and coach in Romania, working with over 800 professionals (managers in national and multinational companies, entrepreneurs, trainers, coaches and consultants) either in personalized programs or in open courses by partners from EXEC-EDU).

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